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The Alliance Area Preservation Society promotes the preservation and restoration of historic structures in the Carnation City and maintains the Haines House Underground Railroad Museum.


Carnation Festival Open House - August 14 - 19

Andrew RichmondCome visit Sunday through Saturday

Festival time is here again, so include us in your plans forthe week's events.

The featured exhibit in the Haines House gallery will be Your Historic Home: Alliance's Sears and Other Kit houses. Mail order houses by Sears, Aladdin, Montgomery Ward and others were a popular option for those wishing to build their dream houme in the first half of the 20th century. Alliance has quite a few of them, and AAPS is looking for more! The exhibit will feature historic catalog images and contemporary photos of kit houses built in Alliance. It will also present clues to discovering if you have a kit home, or if there is one in your neighborhood.

Musical performances of Civil War and other period tunes by local musicians including Beth Gray, Robb Hyde, John Whittaker, and Keith McMahon, in addition to demonstrations of spinning techniques and other fiber art by Ann Hendel, Kate McMahon and Michelle Collins-Sibley are scheduled for most afternoons.

The Building Doctors in Alliance September 15 & 16

Building DoctorThe Ohio History Connection's State Historic Preservation Office, the City of Alliance Historic Preservation Commission, the Alliance Area Preservation Society and the Alliance Historical Society will sponsor a Building Doctor Clinic for old-building owners in Alliance, Ohio on September 15 and 16, 2016.
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Your Historic Home - A New Initative from AAPS

Andrew RichmondThe Alliance Area Preservation Society plans to help people throughout thecommunity unlock the history of their own historic homes---be it a 19th Century Second Empire or a 50s Ranchhome. Your Historic Home is a multi-year project to build a strong foundation of knowledge about the homes of Alliance, and help individuals learn how to research the history of their house. Each year we will focus research, surveys and programming around a particular house type found in the area, or a specific neighborhood in Alliance. We will also conduct house history research workshops at least twice a year, to teach people about the resources available to research the history of their home. Finally, AAPS is creating a house history Jump Start for every researcher, to provide the name of the first landowner of their property, the first plat of their property and neighborhood, and the building date of their home.

In 2016, we will focus on Sears Modern Homes and other kit houses built in Alliance. These houses represent a period when the concept of home ownership and consumerism met in the creation of kit homes in a variety of architectural styles that could be planned by experts, manufactured in bulk, and built economically and efficiently in every corner of the country. Many were built in Alliance. Over the next several years, we will focus on the first large house lot addition in the late 19th Century---the Teeters Lamborn Addition; a relatively unique area known as the Government Addition, which was one of 36 projects built nationwide by the Federal Government during and after World War I; three neighborhoods which were known as West Park Heights, College Hill and Parkside Homes; the fondly remembered Goat Hill; and our community's Mid-Century Modern Homes, built after World War II.


August 6 - Haines House - Open for Tours - 10 am - Noon
August 7 - Haines House - Open for Tours - 1 - 3 pm

August 14 – Haines House – Open for Tours – 1 – 4 pm
August 15 – Haines House – Open for Tours – 1 – 4 pm
August 16 – Haines House – Open for Tours – 1 – 4 pm
August 17 – Haines House – Open for Tours – 1 – 4 pm
August 18 – Haines House – Open for Tours – 1 – 4 pm
August 19 – Haines House – Open for Tours – 1 – 4 pm

September 3 – Haines House – Open for Tours – 10 am – Noon
September 4– Haines House – Open for Tours – 1 – 3 pm

September 13 - Alliance's Sears & Other Kit Houses - Rodman Library - 7 pm
September 15 - Ohio Building Doctor Clinic - Rodman Library - 7 pm
September 16 - Building Doctor On-site Visits



The Haines House is located at 186 West Market Street, Alliance, Ohio 44601.

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